Saturday, December 13, 2014

Type. And Stories. Most of them true.

letterspacing blackletter poster
"Anyone who would letterspace blackletter would steal sheep."

Got that? No, of course not. Not yet. But by the end of the course it should make sense.

In the greater sense, typography isn't about fonts; it's about design. Using the correct typeface for your message is just as important as choosing the correct colors. Of course, what is correct for one design isn't necessarily correct for another. Or for the same design in another medium, for that matter.

Each week we'll be meeting here to discuss type topics. Start with the week's assigned topic, do research (yes, you're expected to know what you're talking about) and then spark a discussion. The usual rules apply, especially when critiquing student work: "I like it" isn't enough. Dig deep and try to explain what you feel.

And to start out our true stories: the quote above is from type designer Frederick Goudy. In 1936 he received a handlettered certificate of excellence drawn in a heavily letterspaced blackletter font. You just don't do something like that to a typographer and expect to get away with it. What's blackletter? What's letterspacing? For that matter, who is Frederick Goudy? You'll know all that and more in just a few weeks.

And your (design) life will never be the same.

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