Wednesday, March 4, 2015

As I Move On...Type Will Follow...

Although I'm studying for a degree in animation, I'll be honest, I believe that what I've learned so far in typography will be very useful in this particular field. Whether it'll be animation in movies, games, or cartoons, type and the knowledge of typography can have an important role in this trade. For example, let's say in a cartoon or video game. There will always be type included; as in a title of a show, context in a game or the ending credits of a movie...typography is everywhere in animation. This is where choosing the right typeface for the theme of your work comes to play (action or sports game, children's cartoon, etc.).
Learning the skills to classify typefaces and which ones will convey the message I'm trying to give, I know this knowledge will be a huge tool in my future trade. If I decide to pursue a career in graphic design I know grids are going to be one of the most important skills to master to become successful, but I'm not quite sure how they could work in animation. I may be wrong about this assumption, I'm not really sure, but I'm willing to learn anything and everything about typography. A career can go a long way when it comes to showing clients that you really know what can work as a great design. In the end, whether I use typography a lot in my career or not, I'm grateful to be in this course and excited to be studying the "science" behind type. 

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