Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Typography in Real-Life

The importance of typography skills are drastically needed no matter what field of art you are involved in. Once I gained my game design certificate, I had not known the importance of a hierarchy or even the sense of a grid. With knowing these concepts now, I can concur that using both these skills would both help me be more successful with my finished product as well as make the work easier. I have not yet determined what I want to do with my graphic design degree, however fallowing these concepts will help me in my art career.  Typography can be found in any artistic field and the importance of these typographic guidelines can make a good concept an amazing concept. Using the correct typeface for a given idea is also a great tool for artists. Many people can initially look at a word and instantly determine the feel it is trying to portray without actually reading the context. This helps gain attention from certain audiences in which the designer is wanting to reach. Bellow is an example of an artist using a grid for his concept art. This goes to show that grids are useful for many art fields.

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  1. Hey Mikey he likes it.
    Hey man good post. Very informational for everyone. A lot of people wouldn't even begin to think about a grid for those concepts bit at the same time I feel surprised that getting a certification in game design they didn't go over that though. Great info man.


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