Saturday, March 7, 2015

Wow tough question.

Honestly I can't think of anything that wasn't worth learning. The most important thing in typography I have learned is that you shouldn't use more than two typefaces in a piece.  the only thing I can really say wasn't that helpful was having take my career development class already. Because I took it first quarter I didn't have all my projects to throw in to a portfolio or fix my resume towards the career I want. So I feel like the class was wasted. Other than that nothing I would say was pointless.


  1. Ray, that is strange that you already had that class..seems they messed that one up! Other than that, I agree with your post without a doubt. Making sure you do not have too many typefaces in a design was a great learning tool for me. I never realized how clean and professional a design can look with limited typefaces. It's not so busy and doesn't look like a complete mess. Most likely in the past I would have done whatever I pleased with a design but after taking this course, I will reconsider ever idea I come up with before setting anything in stone. Real professionalism man!

    1. Yea because I ended up having 14 credit hours and owed money so my algebra and career development were switched.


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