Thursday, March 5, 2015

In My Head

Alright, I never thought that I would be using grids in typography. Really I thought that I was done with all of that in grade school. Now its back, and will be drastically creditable in each and every assignment I will ever create as A designer. With all of the guidelines that I have learned in typography I feel that I can do anything. I have learned all of the rules, well maybe not all but i'm on my way. I also feel that anyone who wants to be a designer or even think of themselves as a designer is not  a designer until they have taken typography. I believe very strongly that this is the base of any creation, there is a whole history behind it and many many people have not the slightest idea. Hierarchy and the concept of what you are putting out there is very important because its making sure that the readers or even more importantly that your clients receive wholeness and accurate completion in your design.

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