Monday, January 12, 2015

Knowing the correct terminology and speaking the language of designers is imperative when working as a graphic designer.  Designers need to be able to communicate with one another and knowing the correct language and terminology makes that possible.  A time when you would not use the “designer language” is when you were talking to someone who was not a designer such as a client or anyone that would not have the knowledge of graphic design language.  Understanding the history of art, communication and design is also very important in order to be successful in the field of design.


  1. Now I don't entirely agree with not using termonology when speaking to a client. A lot of clients might actually be into art and design and have knowledge of some termonology and acting like they don't might make them feel dumb. In my own experience, when explaining something to a client it is better to use at least some termonology. They are your client. They came to you for a reason. Teach them something. Throw some terminology out there and tell them what it means so they can understand what your doing and why your doing it. It may help them even communicate better with you so that you can give them the piece they ask for.

  2. Although I agree with using the terminology of type amongst other designers is important but I also believe it is just as important, if not more, to use the language with clients or any businesses that were interested in hiring you for a project. I would want to sound as professional and as knowledgeable as I can at what I do and make that certain client feel confident in me and realize he chose the right person to get the job done.

  3. Good points, Ricky and Raymond. Part of our job as designers is to educate our clients. If they feel we're professional, they are more likely to want to continue working with us.


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