Friday, January 16, 2015

The Language of Design..

It is important to be able to speak the language of designers because as designers, we are trying to send a message to the consumers without speech. Instead, communicating that message in visual language. Using typography and knowing the language and different fonts, shapes, texture and type terminology, you could learn about the interaction between the look of type and what the type is actually saying. Also, understanding the language, you can learn the different kinds of emotion type is visually speaking. To be a good designer, a balance should be developed between the visual aspect and the verbal aspect of a design (Knight, 2012). I believe this is what makes having the knowledge of design language so important. It is also important when speaking with designers, most importantly if designers are collaborating on projects together. There can be an understanding in thoughts and ideas as well as communication between each other. This is an advantage of using type terminology. I think understanding the anatomy of type and being aware of how type can "speak" to us and express different moods through words can be the foundation of a great career as a designer.

When speaking with other designers, especially working together, the use of conventional terms can be more appropriate. As with any job, you become close with co-workers and having those close relationships, the work environment can be more relaxed and does not have to be so formal so to speak. To me, this is the best kind of working environment. Obviously, when interacting with clients or superiors in the work field, when presenting your work or when given details for a project to be done for clients, you want to sound knowledgeable with the proper vocabulary.

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