Thursday, January 29, 2015

Logos and their TRUE meaning...

A brand that conveys it's intended message simply from it's logo and name is the Australian company Rip Curl. The logo alone says enough about what this company is all about. The simple but cool logo of the "R" in red captures the connection and association with the sun, blood, courage, and sacrifice almost like braving the next big wave. This is what these Aussie surfers from the 60s wanted to signify. Not only is this a sleek and sharp design but it also can be interpreted as the breaking of a wave. To me, this screams surfing, waves, the beach and all that comes along. The name Rip Curl stands out as well. In the physical world, a rip curl is the lip of the wave that forms the mouth of a "barrel" when a wave begins to break and at first these were just words. Doug Warbrick, co-founder, later admitted, "Ripping was groovy; surfing the curl was groovy; we wanted to be that was it." That right there says it all.

Companies that bother me the most with their ads, slogans and super cheesy commercials are the insurance companies. I know they are businesses I get it, but sometimes I think they exaggerate just a bit. Take Allstate for example; "You're in good hands". Please, tell me what this exactly entails. From what I've learned, these people are not always willing to lend that helping hand. A lot of times claims are denied, people can be refused coverage, and premiums are constantly increasing. I've had Geico for some time now and being a loyal customer I really haven't had any kind of compensation for being one.  Not to mention not being in an accident or receiving a ticket in years. I'm not asking for a lot just maybe lowered monthly payments? All I'm saying is that I think they over-do their advertising to the point where it's almost just plain ridiculous and they can sometimes be a hassle to deal with and not always "on your side". Oh, and I'm done with these meaningless commercials that have nothing to do with insurance.
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