Sunday, January 11, 2015

My typography photographs...

This signage definitely stood out to me. It seems to have a Castellar or a Rosewood Regular type to it, possibly Algerian. It reminded of one of those old western signage's for saloons.
 I absolutely love this one because they definitely designed this one using Papyrus. Papyrus was always one of my favorite fonts to use when I created certain projects.  

I took this one because generally had a simple Brush Script design to it. This one said to me simple but yet eye catching.

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  1. While a decorative typeface is very relevant to a tattoo parlour (as is any Blackletter font), don't forget that there are other fonts in the designs besides the most prominent one. And, seriously, Papyrus! OMG! I think I'm getting a headache.


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