Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Local Typography Photos...

This one to me is kind of funny. It is from a dental office near my house and the typography of the sign is pretty simple and nothing special but what stood out to me was the little smiley face. It just seems so random with this little face. My guess is that it is suppose to play on the "great expressions". Not much of an expression if you ask me!

This is the sign of my favorite place for good old home cooked breakfast ! It is the only New Jersey style diner around these parts of South Florida that I know of and they serve pork roll! Never heard of it?? I guess it is Jersey thing. Anyway, I like the style of their sign, it has an old fashioned feel to it with the slightly cursive type and the underline with the orange stripe through it is sharp. YOU MUST GO!

Here is a salon near the hotel I work at. I drive by it everyday but when I found out about our assignment I took another glance and noticed it has a pretty cool sign for the place. I am not sure what an "organic salon" is but I did like the typography of it. To me, it has like a Middle East or Far East feel to the style of the lettering. Like I said, I am not sure what kind of salon it is and I've never been there but this sign stands out and has kept me intrigued and asking myself "What is really inside???"

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  1. OMG! It's not's worse: FAKE Papyrus! Aaaaaargh! :-)


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