Saturday, January 10, 2015

Typeogrophy Photos

I saw this sign on a banister next to a restaurant in my hometown today.  I was immediately drawn in by the design of the type.  I like the little "curly cues" at the end of the letter.

I was pretty lucky today because I was able to find two forms of "signage" from the same area.  I think this type represents fun and playfulness.

And last but not least, this sign is special to me because I designed it myself.  We wanted something "catchy" for the ghost hunting sign so we could get people's attention.  It's pretty cool how the acronym for Ghost Hunters of Supernatural Things spells out "Ghost".  We looked a lot of different "type" but thought this one would be the most marketable.


  1. Yellow Brick Rd is set in one of the most overused (and hated by designers) typefaces: Curlz. Decorative. Fun. So it works for something ephemeral or "cute." You wouldn't use it for something serious. G.H.O.S.T. is actually set in a common "Transitional" typeface: Times New Roman. One of the reasons Times is used so much is that it easy to read.

  2. I'll presume that the misspelling of typography was accidental.


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