Sunday, January 25, 2015


While I was at Disney World this past weekend with my husband, I had the opportunity to observe a lot of different things.  One of the things that I thought was really interesting was a display of what looked like marble slabs at the entrance to World Showcase in Epcot.  I don't recall ever seeing them on my previous trips.  From a distance the structure simply looked like pieces of marble standing in an upright position secured in a type of base.  (These also resembled tombstones).  But upon closer inspection I realized that these pieces of shiny, flat rocks that resemble marble contained 1,000's of tiny little pictures of people.
The pictures of these slabs are of people that have been photographed while enjoying their day at the park.  I was really impressed at the amount of pictures there were.  I was expecting to see pictures of the military for as many as there were, but it was something completely different.



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