Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Messaging in company logos

For this weeks discussion post, I was given the task to find a given message on a given company logo that gets noticed overall. I decided to choose chewing tobacco and the competing companies within. My go to choice, when buying chewing tobacco would be the brand Copenhagen. The reason for this is simply given on their can's logo. The phrase "Satisfaction since 1822 says it all. The word, satisfy, means to meet the expectation someone has for something, as well as to fulfill desire. I know, just by looking at that can, that others have been satisfied with this product since 1822. the font choice for such a phrase is also an advantage. The font is in Georgia typeface, which was inspired by the 19th century and calligraphy. This gives the can a sense of elegance and antique like feel. For a company to derive their phrase base upon tradition will gain loyal customers.  The can doesn't portray an image to express their product, just simple elegant text. Overall, to help my argument, Copenhagen's product is one of the oldest branded products still used in america.

The image to the left is an example of what the Copenhagen can looks like.

For my ineffective messaging logo, I chose the Apple Computer logo. This is because, without prior knowledge of the company, the apple logo would be confusing and misleading. I decided to dig up some information on why the company decided to use an apple as their logo. I came across a CNN article in which discusses numerous theories on what the apple meant. One reason that was given was based on a man named Alan Turing. Alan was one of the original people that helped lay out the fundamentals for computers. the connection Alan has with the apple logo derives from his suicidal death. Alan was facing jail time for gross indecency as well as the pressure he had from being a homosexual. Thus leading him to bite into an apple laced with cyanide. this became the creation of the apple in which has a bite taken out of it. Other allegations discuss that the apple meant knowledge, and the bite mark that is taken out of it was to differentiate it from a cherry. Overall, at first glance, the apple does not portray a computer company and their for is my choice of an ineffective message.

Bellow is an example of the Apple logo.

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  1. The reason behind the apple being chosen was never to deal to with Turing, the creator of the logo said it was just a rumor. He also said the logo was made as a play on words and because he loved apples.
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  2. Thank you for your insight, and I was aware that it had nothing to do with Turing, I just found it interesting as a theory people had and shared it.


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