Sunday, January 11, 2015

Various Type of the Town

 I chose Coco Locco because the way the colors are give off an island theme as if to be free of life. Being that it is a dance studio that could make sense. The font has almost a professional look with just a little bit off. Maybe to give it a crazy feel.

 The Font used for the Bait and Tackle seems to be a pretty straight forward message. I feel it gets to the point. Adding edging of white to the black font makes it stand out a little more with a 3D type of look.

8 Bit Hall of Fame!! Sorry that it is at an angle. It was stretched across the building so I shot it at an angle. I definately like how they used an 8 bit looking type that reminds you of a retro video game. It fits the store perfect being that it is a store to buy a ton of retro games and devices. The font makes you think of these games that you played when you were a child therefor bringing up good memories and making this place feel friendly.

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