Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Is Everybody In?? Our Careers Are About To Begin!

Ever since starting this course and even this program itself, I've learned so much about the actual science behind design, hand drawn and digitally. As long as I can remember, I've always wanted to be in the design field, specifically animation. I've had a love for character design my whole life and my love for drawing and designing goes back to my childhood but I never really broke down all the aspects of what it is to be a good designer as well as a successful one. I believe this program will help me as a designer and teach me the tools to create the best pieces of art I possibly can. I've always had some what of an idea on the importance of appearance when it comes to graphic design, for example, placement of images and text and having an eye for color schemes and what fits best in a design. Typography..I'll be honest, I've never realized how crucial and important it really is.

The two concepts that stand out the most to me when it comes to typography is choosing the best typeface that helps convey your message and placement of text. Before, I'd probably just decide on any kind of typeface but now, knowing the classifications, I can decide if a design of mine would best work with an old style typeface or maybe something more contemporary like a modern typeface. I would have never given it a second thought! Although my first attempt at using grids was bit of a failure, after going over it in class and with the critiques from my peers, I'm gaining a better understand of it all. Now in the process of learning grids a bit more, I can really perfect the ability to establish balance and hierarchy when placing texts in any project I'll be working on; in school and beyond..I love this typographical design of the lyrics from a Doors' song that I had to put it with my post. I couldn't help it!!

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