Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What is good typography??

I agree with this essay. Sometimes over extravagant type can get in the way of getting the mental visual of what you are reading. For me, when I read something, I love to get that picture in my head of what the type is actually portraying and trying to show me, as in a novel for example. I think real fancy typography would get in the way of that sensation. The sensation of developing what the main characters may look like, or imagining what the setting of the story looks like. Being distracted by unreadable and illegible type would distort all that for me and remind me that I'm just reading words instead of being entertained by the actual content written. On the other hand, a situation when typography should stand out and not be so invisible could be in logo designing. Hundreds of businesses  and branding create their logos just from type. In this case, I think you would want to develop a typeface that works well with your brand; a perfectly bold, aligned, and colored typographical design.

How to Explain Why Typography Matters

  is good typography invisible? if it is how should typography grab the reader's attention? | A conversation on

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  1. I agree halfway with you in the sense that there should be some differences and logos are a good example but the argument I am making against you is what about how newspapers and book titles are all different, either in the font style or font size? I notice these changes because a difference in type can make me pay attention for a little longer than I might have in the first place. I do understand that some decorative types are hard to read but they also stand out from the plain type you see everyday and everywhere.


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