Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Two Elements From This Course

   Throughout this course I have learned many things that will make me a more successful graphic designer in the future. Before this class, I had pictured graphic design being a combination of graphics on a web page or poster that portray a meaning or concept. I really hadn't thought about the text that reside upon the page or the importance of the typefaces within. With this said, the first important element I have learned from this course is choosing the correct typeface. Choosing the correct typeface to bring about a certain tone or meaning is such an important step when creating a graphic.  The font selection is crucial when trying to convey an emotion to the reader. We had touched on this subject briefly in our last class, but I wanted to share another example with my team members.  For example, say a poster is created to express the negative affect war has on our economy. The font chosen should portray that emotion, choosing a typeface such as the one bellow would not work for the given poster. The one to the right would however work.


  The second important element I believe is most important is "readability and legibility". This goes hand in hand with the phrase " no touching". I have learned that we should organize our graphic designs in such a way in which the viewer can read it easily and can visually see the important context within it. The graphic should be formatted in such a manner that gains interest from the reader.  This lures the viewer into reading on and potentially urging them to learn more or attend such event. Overall, I believe that typeface selection as well as legibility and readability are the two important elements I can take forth from this course.

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  1. Mychal, the examples you stated are exactly the points I've also learned a lot about and our probably the most important. I never thought about typefaces and their importance in really making images or any design have meaning. Also, you made a great point about readability and legibility. Making sure any text in any design created should be "easy" on the eyes' of our viewers and the designs should be clear in what is trying to be said. These factors, without a doubt, are important keys to a successful career in design.


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