Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What Constitutes as good typography

After reviewing Beatrice Ward's reference article, The Crystal Goblet,  I support and agree with her argument on which what constitutes as good typography. She used a metaphor that involved wine bottles and how the text on those bottles gave off an image, which could also be portrayed and understood by other individuals. She explains that certain type should be used in particular products in such a way in which to convey a certain idea. As said by Ward, "the most important thing about printing is that it conveys thoughts, ideas, images, from one mind to other minds". I also found an additional article which supports Beatrice Ward's stand on this matter. Within this article, it speaks about how good typography "supports and reinforces the message",  such as giving someone a visual or thought that is derived from that type. I agree with both outlooks, thus being, good typography is text that gives off the correct visual image or vibe, in which the product is wanting to portray to the consumer.

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2] The Crystal Goblet- Beatrice Ward

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