Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My thoughts are that this is a really useful tool in the sense of making a poster to draw somebody's attention but then again the quantity of words that are unable to be read can cause somebody to just give up entirely. So with that I would say that it matters in order to draw a crowd but if you do more than a headline or such of a poster or sign it will make the customer or viewer lose interest. All I did was made an outline of the letters and reflected the y o h and a and then rotated all of the letters except y and h and reflected the rotated M a and r.


  1. What do the rest of you think about Jessica's progression from readable to illegible? Is the transition smooth and linear enough or is line two no more readable than line three?

  2. I think the third is easier. The first 3 on last row are the same with the 4th letter being a tad different. Not enough to throw you off and then the y is actually fixed. I think that this gives it a better flow at the start because of the y being normal.


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