Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Magazine vs Digital

     To start this discussion post, let's first take into fact that depending on the circumstance, one may prefer a magazine over digital content. For an example of this,  say you are out in public, walking around, or a passenger in a car, you would most likely prefer digital content over a magazine. This is because, it is easier to multitask while out and about, as well as easier to hold and read when doing activities. However, if someone were to be at home, or in a hotel, magazines would be more successful and used. When solemnly focused on reading content and not involved in walking or activities, a magazine would best be used. Magazines give a brooder view of the images within the text, as well as being more visually appealing. 
The magazine I chose was the FLW Bass Fishing magazine.
    Within this magazine, stories and news about bass fishing are shared as well as lures and equipment that is working.One one constant and noticeable thing about this magazine is that it consists of manly images ti catch the viewers attention. Having a magazine over digital content is more successful because it gives the viewer a brooder area to view the images. The digital content would be viewed on either an smart phone or laptop, which restricts the size of the images that are being viewed.   The magazine also allows the viewer a faster way to assess certain pages faster then digital content with just a turn of the page. With digital content, one would have to wait for the next page to load. 

      Which one is more visually appealing to you?



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  1. But what about the web version of the magazine, designed for browsers on larger devices. An interface on a phone would be very different from a printed magazine, but what about the interface on a tablet or a laptop, where there is more screen real estate.

    In writing any paper or post, it's also always best to run your content through a spell checker... and grammarly!

  2. I agree that the digital is useful when you are away from home but in order to access the digital you almost always need internet. Most people don't use their internet because it will make their phone bill skyrocket and as far as I know it lowers your battery quicker. If you have the printed version, you will have to carry it around sure but your battery will be drained less and your bill will be considerably lower. Also for most digital sites for magazines, you need a subscription and for the printed copy you can buy it from the store or have a subscription.

  3. You're only going to pay for an online magazine download if you're accessing the Internet through your phone's 3G or 4G connection. If you have WiFi (and you can pretty much get WiFi access at everyplace from McDonald's to the public library and the local drug store), there is no download cost. And, actually, most digital magazines either are free (and ad supported) or have smaller/shorter free versions. Few magazines actually require subscriptions; you can always download the current issue, if that's all you want.


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