Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What is good typography.

"Typography matters because it helps conserve the most valuable resource you have as a writer-reader attention. Attention is the reader's gift to you. That gift is precious. And Infinite." - Butterick
Typorgrapy is more than just design. It is like  Ellen Lupton said. "Typography is what language looks like." It is how we communicate visually. There is emotion. There is Expression. It is important for people to be able to notice good typography but that doesn't mean it is visible. (sounds wierd right) Before I knew what Typography was I would see these pictures of words and if they were good I would get this feeling from them. Usually an awesome one. But again, I did not know what Typography was so therefore good Typography was invisible to me but at the same time I still saw the awesomeness of it. So I think it is important to notice good Typography. I do not think it should be invisible though. Good typography will contain the needed content to capture the readers attention and keep it. Sometimes when a reader has to read something they are looking for a reason to stop reading. It needs to contain the material to change their mind. I think it can contain all things from decorative fonts to big letters down to just a simple old time type face with just proper drop caps.s

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  1. Ray, I have to admit, even though I posted the opposite of what you have posted, I see your side of it all as well. As much as some typefaces could be distracting to the reader's there also could be typography that could catch someone's attention as well. I still feel that most typography when it comes to certain material should be "invisible" in a sense, but you do make for a good argument my friend.


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