Thursday, February 26, 2015

Two Elements;

From this course I have learned one key element to always keep in mind when making a design is picking the right typeface, when you're making a poster or anything of that matter. It's always good to keep in mind what your client wants and also put your spin on things. Bring a couple idea's to the table but always make sure you do what they want. You want to always make sure the typeface you choose flows with the design that you are choosing.
Also, another elemnt I think would be important that I have learned is something Mr. Sattelmeyer always works into our assingments every week, "readability and legibility." You must always make sure that your piece is readable, meaning is clear and put together with lettering and the way you put them on the design. Legibility meaning the way the design is it's not to much but not to little. Make the design where it's able to be read it's clear and nice.
I think these two elements are the most important because it could make or break the design with the clients and or with the people who see it. I think I have learned first hand that it's not easy doing this all in one design but I also am getting to know myself better with designing and using these elements in my designs.


  1. Good critical thinking, Shannon. There are lots of rules that designers should be aware of—like Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, Proximity, Balance, Unity, and Rhythm—but it's even more important to know *when* to use the rules (and when not to.) A design is a living entity. As we've seen in class, the same design brief can be interpreted (and brought to life) in many different ways. Clearly, though, some designs have been stronger than others due to the understanding and application of design thinking.

  2. i agree, yes, you must always make sure your piece is readable and legible. I forgot to mention in my post that I also learned this valuable lesson. After all if you are a Designer and your work is not readable, then what is it? among the other few things that i have learned you have to give your client what they want and not what you want


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