Saturday, February 14, 2015

Online or magazine.

I have found that there are cons and pros to both. A magazine is something that you can own and hold in your hand which can give you a sort of happiness because you own it. It is a material feeling. I have found however that online that between the 3 magazines I chose you can actually go online and start reading the articles without having to pay. The plus side to online subscriptions is that they can do more with the format of them. They can implant videos that you can not put in a magazine. They have more of a choice of how they can set it up to appeal to the reader. (pop outs, moving affects, videos. etc) it can also be more interactive. You can also usually search certain subjects that you are interested in. A magazine can be a little more easy to reach in the sense of not having to type the web address in to get to it. It can be easier to use. It has the index so you can turn right to the page. It is just more simple and plays on what you are already used to doing to read. I would say though that if you have a computer then online would be the best way to view your favorite magazines. But, if you have to invest in a computer than that could be a pricey investment over a magazine.


  1. Hey Ray, you make great points here. Although, reading articles, books, newspapers, etc online is great with the easy access and things like videos posted, it is also a great feeling of holding and reading a favorite book of your own and waiting for that last sentence to read and turning to the next page. I've always loved finishing a chapter and turning the page to start the next one.

  2. I have the same sentiment about page-turning. It's a different and somehow more satisfying experience than scrolling. Flipboard's magazine format plays on that feeling by putting the online articles on pages that you can flip as easily—and in the same way—as you'd flip a magazine.


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