Wednesday, February 25, 2015

  It is always important that the viewer of your work be able to understand your intent whether it be through reading what is in the design or understand the feeling you wish to convey through the placement of the designs or the colors you implemented into your work. The most important things, I believe, to be implemented into a design is the combination of a concept and a rule, "readability and legibility" and "no touching." These are important in the way that your work may be misconceived if you do it wrong. If your viewer cannot read the type correctly, they might become confused or lose interest fairly quickly. The rule of "No Touching" is to avoid visual tension in a design. Even though "No Touching" is a good rule to go by, this doesn't mean that you can space out words too much as it can still be irritating, but in the sense of causing too little visual tension. If you space the letters of a word out, you can strain the reader's attention just as much as putting the same word too compressed, as in putting the letters too close.

  I will implement this knowledge into my career as a designer so that the viewer will understand the message I am trying to convey. If I make a poster or such, I will not make it too compressed or too spaced out with the text and I will make the letters not blend with the background but instead pop out. Since I will have to use designs almost all the time, I am also sure I will have to add text to the design eventually, if not immediately. This will also mean that I will still need to make sure the text stands out from the background in a way that it is readable and legible yet still fits with the design.

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  1. Great choices, I as well stated these in my original post. The thing that initially makes people stop and read the actual sign or contents is layout and legibility of the design. Otherwise, the concept wouldn't be successful.


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